Vicious fallacy or 21st century skill? Listen to the Insights podcast on arts education and find out

Art for Art's SakeA new OECD study, Art for Art’s Sake? The Impact of Arts Education, looks at whether teaching the arts has any benefits other than helping children to become better at drawing, singing, dancing, acting or whatever activity is taught.

The title comes from an article by Théophile Gautier who used the expression “l’art pour l’art” in the Revue des Deux Mondes in 1847.

Baudelaire agreed, and criticised the “heresy of teaching”:  “Une foule de gens se figurent que le but de la poésie est un enseignement quelconque… La poésie (…) n’a pas d’autre but qu’elle-même.” (A crowd of people imagine that the purpose of poetry should be some kind of teaching… Poetry’s only purpose… is itself).

An editorial in The Art World on the other hand attacked the “fallacy and viciousness” of Gautier’s theory.

The debate will no doubt go on for a long time to come. In these interviews, report co-author Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin looks at the evidence from hundreds of studies carried out since 1950.

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