Restoring Trust and Trustworthiness: The Leadership Challenge

Today’s post is from Roderick M. Kramer, William R. Kimball Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford Graduate School of Business and Visiting Professor, Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School; and  Todd L. Pittinsky, Professor of Technology and Society at Stony Brook University and Senior Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Their new book, […]

For the people…

Today’s post is from  Brian Atwood, chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee. At this year’s Global Forum on Development, I was invited to contribute some remarks on “governance”, a convenient shorthand for referring to the mechanics by which our societies are run, our institutions function, and our public administrations exercise fairness. In today’s complex […]

Conflict minerals: Congo communities say support Dodd-Frank

On October 10th, we published an article from US businessman Chuck Blakeman criticising the Dodd-Frank Act’s section on conflict minerals, saying it was against the interests of the people of the DR Congo. Today, we publish a reply from Prince Kihangi Kyamwami, Secretary-General of  BEDEWA, the agency in charge of development in the Walikale region […]

Conflict minerals: demonise the criminals, not the miners

On July 15, we published Conflict Minerals: Hands-Off Is Not a Solution by Stephen P. Groff, former Deputy Director of the OECD Development Co-operation Directorate, now Vice President of the Asian Development Bank. Today, we publish a reply from Chuck Blakeman, founder of the Crankset Group, who recently visited the Democratic Republic of Congo to promote […]

Conflict Minerals: Hands-Off Is Not a Solution

Today’s post is contributed by Stephen P. Groff,  Deputy Director of the OECD Development Co-operation Directorate What do an artisanal miner in the Democratic Republic of Congo, computer companies, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris have in common? They all have a keen interest in ensuring that mining in Africa does not […]

OECD Anti-Bribery Convention: Time to Take Real Steps

This post is contributed by Gillian Dell of Transparency International As world leaders arrive today at the OECD Ministerial meeting in Paris, they’ll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the OECD. There’s much to be commended in the OECD’s wide programme of work over the last 50 years. For Transparency International, the NGO leading the […]