La fiscalité a fait tomber Al Capone. Peut-elle nous aider à combattre la corruption ?

Anne-Lise Prigent, L’Observateur de l’OCDE Chaque année, entre 1500 et 2000 milliards de dollars partent en fumée en pots-de-vin, soit 2% de l’économie mondiale. Il ne s’agit là que d’une partie infime de la corruption qui gangrène la planète. Cette corruption nourrit le terrorisme, le changement climatique ou encore la crise des réfugiés. Elle mine […]

Tax got Al Capone. Could tax now be a way of beating corruption?

Anne-Lise Prigent, OECD Observer Every year, bribes eat up an estimated 1 500 to 2 000 billion dollars, the equivalent of 2% of the global economy. And this is just a tiny fraction of the corruption that infects our world, feeding terrorism, climate change and the refugee crisis. Corruption undermines the public’s trust in government and markets, […]

Bringing help and hope to war victims: When Shennong meets Avicenna in Iraqi Kurdistan

Anne-Lise Prigent, editor in charge of development publications at OECD Publishing. Can a Chinese herbalist emperor ever meet a Persian thinker of the Islamic Golden age? Well, you’d be surprised… “If my strength is needed, then I must go forth.” “I hope I can be of aid.” These are the words of Shennong, the father […]

Want to improve your problem-solving skills? Try metacognition

Today’s post is by Anne-Lise Prigent the editor in charge of education publications at OECD Publishing French poet Paul Valéry once expressed his love for mathematics: “I worship this most beautiful subject of all and I don’t care that my love remains unrequited.” Unrequited love, or, all too often, a big stumbling block that inspires […]

Industrial policies for development: It’s more than you think

Today’s post is by Anne-Lise Prigent, the editor in charge of development publications at OECD Publishing. It was a dirty word. Not something to boast about. Yet it was widely practiced, even by its harshest critics. Industrial policy is now back it seems – unless, as Stiglitz says, it never really left. The third edition […]

Art for Art’s Sake? A gift to philanthropists and policymakers

Today’s post is by Moy Eng, Senior Advisor and former Executive Director at the Community School of Music and Arts Art for Art’s Sake? The Impact of Arts Education is a gift. Whether one is an artist, educator, policy maker, or philanthropic organization, it offers a comprehensive, cogent review of research studies, and identifies both […]