OECD360: How does your country compare?

OECD360OECD 360 gives you the latest analyses and data from the OECD’s flagship publications in a quick, easily understood format.

The different themes give a concise summary of your country’s situation as well as the international context: education; employment; green growth; regional outlook; agriculture; economic growth; and the financial crisis and its impacts on society and development.

Each text is accompanied by two pages of infographics highlighting OECD data from the source publication, including Stalinks that allow you to download the source data for each visualisation.

“Your country in focus”: the national statistical profile and Better Life Index allow you to compare your country with the OECD average in domains including the economy, employment, wellbeing, tax, and environmental performance.

“You and the OECD” shows how your government, like that of all member countries, is represented at the OECD by an Ambassador and diplomats.

The first batch of countries is: Belgium (Dutch, French), Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg (French, German), Slovenia, and Switzerland (French, German).

The English tables are clickable below:

regional outlookvignette-focus-media.jpg