Video winners heading to Paris

Young video makers from Asia have taken top honours in this year’s edition of the OECD’s annual video competition. Regular readers may recall that the OECD asked entrants to show how we could shape tomorrow’s global economy for the better. “Think differently!” we said, and that’s just what our winners did.

From Korea, Shin Jae Ho’s video looks at the part each of us can play in making the world a better place, and suggests we’re not doing a great job of measuring and valuing the importance of each of these individual contributions.

From Indonesia, Achmad Danny Gazali emphasizes the role that Indonesia’s 62 million young people will play in determining the shape of their society. The good news for this developing country, says Danny, is that it can call on 62 million hopes and 62 million solutions for its future.

And also from Korea, Shin Jaein uses the Korean staple bibimbap – a tasty mix of rice, meat and vegetables – to show the creative potential that could be generated by lowering the walls separating industry, art, society and technology.

Congratulations to the winners, who will all be invited to travel to Paris next month to take part in the OECD Forum.

And, of course, many thanks to everyone else who took part.

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