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10 comments to “Think you’re smart? Try the “Trends Shaping Education” quiz!”

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  1. Salman Nabi - 20/02/2013 Reply

    Very educative excercise. My optimism foresees better times for the coming generations.

  2. elisa - 20/02/2013 Reply

    perfect test to be used in conversation classes! I hope people will realize how important is education on any level and at any age to try to save what we can.

  3. Pornsakol Na Srito - 20/02/2013 Reply

    Good Quiz.

  4. Simon Gallacher - 20/02/2013 Reply

    A good and playful way to test understanding/preconceptions!

  5. Cosmin Predeleanu - 20/02/2013 Reply


  6. Paul Budde - 02/03/2013 Reply

    Yes a did learn a few facts, amazing!

  7. Mia Mikic - 21/03/2013 Reply

    I loved this quiz and will recommend it!

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