Big variations in R&D spending

People often think about innovation in terms of research and development – R&D. The Factblog has already compared R&D expenditure as a percentage of GDP, so this time we’re looking at R&D expenditure per capita – in other words, how much do countries spend per person on R&D. Again, differences between countries are stark, with Israel and Sweden spending 14 times more per year per person than Turkey. Countries like United Kingdom or France are slightly below the OECD average.

But R&D is only one part of the innovation story.

data (xls)

Today, the OECD is presenting Measuring Innovation – A New Perspective, which introduces a broader framework for comparing innovation policies. In addition to R&D, it includes indicators on the context in which innovation occurs, including education, international cooperation and taxation. It also takes into account the characteristics of innovating firms. We’ll take a more detailed look at some of these issues in future Factblog posts.

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