Analysis of GDP projections

The latest OECD Economic Outlook released today updates a wide range of economic projections. But which variables affect GDP and growth? This interactive dashboard will help you.

With the expenditure approach, GDP = consumption + investment + trade. Here, we’ve separated GDP into several key components:

  • Private and government consumption,
  • Investment (further broken down into public, residential and non-residential investment),
  • Trade (net exports, exports and imports) and
  • Stockbuilding

The dashboard shows how each of these components contributes to growth (top part), and how their growth and their weight in total GDP develops over time.

The top-left chart, contribution to GDP growth, shows, for a given year N and for each variable, its value at N – its value at N-1 divided by GDP at N-1. The sum of all these contributions equals to total GDP growth.

Choose a country from the list on the right.

Then choose a variable by clicking on it in any of the top 3 charts (either click a variable name on the axis, a bar or a pie slice). This will update the bottom 3 charts.

Alternatively, you can choose a year in any of the bottom 3 charts (either click a year on the axis or directly a point on the curve), and the top charts will be updated for that year.

On any of the 6 charts, moving your mouse over them will give you additional information.


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